15 years of different therapists, coaches, diagnoses, feeling voiceless and thanks to Jess it was the first time I felt heard and that someone finally understands me, which when you don’t understand yourself is a liberating feeling.

When I first met with Jess it was about work and managing that, never did I think I would end up on a path of self-discovery and healing, which was what I actually needed.

The way she is able to give her perspective and help you see things in a way you never did before is inspiring.

Jess’ approach and genuine care makes you feel at ease and comfortable in her presence, you feel like you have a friend you could tell anything to without judgement.

Jess certainly has a gift and what she has been able to help me with so far is invaluable. If you are thinking about seeing her, just do it, you would have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I’m still only at the beginning of my journey with Jess and I could never thank her enough.