I’d never needed help before and was sceptical of the pharmaceutical route. Jess was recommended to me from a friend. As a regular tradie kind of bloke this was all new to me.

Jess has a very easy manner but underneath, her depth of knowledge and perception of what’s needed is remarkable. I needed help in understanding where I was at and how to improve, I wasn’t looking for sympathy or a shoulder.

One of Jess’s many qualities is her ability to give you enough to work on without any overwhelm. We would meet every week to start with and over time that would eb and flow depending on my progress.

What I learned in my sessions with Jess will never leave me and has laid the best foundations to a great future, purely through raising my awareness of myself and my perception of everything around me. “A good teacher will show you where to look and not what to see” could have been written about Jess Cameron. Forever Grateful