As a guy who finds it difficult to speak openly with friends about how I’m feeling, I was encouraged strongly to see Jess who came highly recommended.

I was dealing with some personal challenges that became very overwhelming. Once I realised that I was depressed, I finally agreed to see Jess and booked a course of sessions with her.

I can honestly say, it was the best decision that I’d made this year.

Which led to a number of other big changes in my life including a switch in career, an improved relationship with my wife and children and a renewed relationship with myself both physically and mentally.

Jess is extremely easy to talk with, and made me feel comfortable to open up about some deeply complex and personal topics. Never at any point did I feel judged or uncomfortable.

I am still on a journey and working through behaviours and habits that have been formed over many years, and I’m not sure the journey of self discovery ever ends, but so far Jess has greatly helped by providing me with the tools to self-explore and navigate my way through. Thank you Jess, I cannot speak highly enough of your professionalism.