Are you looking for someone
to help unlock your true self?

Are you looking for someone to help unlock your true self?

Coaching with Jess Cameron

Specialising in Mindset and Relationship Coaching

Though you’ll quickly discover it’s much more than that.

Described as the mindset coach who helps you get out of your mind,
she’ll make over-thinking, over-analysing, and over-doing a habit of your past.

She’ll illuminate the areas previously gone unnoticed,

Bring awareness to the root cause of any problem,

And, offer you the greatest gift… calling your SOUL forward.

Jess believes,

The soul should be the decision maker and the mind the implementer

That we have been conditioned to only value the mind… “mind over matter (the body)”,  “don’t listen to emotion, listen to logic”,  “weigh up pro’s and con’s, be rational”

And this conditioning is the cause for all imbalance; and why so many people (even those who are wildly successful) experience a lack of joy, fulfilment, health, and peace.

Jess has been employed by numerous companies as their organisational mindset and performance coach, and was jokingly referred to as the “witch-doctor” for being known to fix the issues no one else could

She has an ability to hear what isn’t being said, and to look at what’s not being seen, and to love what’s being shamed

Utilising her intuitive and trained grasp of human behaviour to help individuals overcome the blocks holding them back from their potential.

A Note From Jess…

I’m one of those cheesy people who believe we’re guided to just the right thing at the right time. So if you’ve found yourself here, maybe it’s possible you’ve found the right wing-woman?

I am an intuitive coach who is personal, raw and honest.

I believe in empowered based leadership; simply meaning my goal is to help you foster trust in yourself to lead yourself

The clients I choose to work with are ready for change and ready to take the necessary steps to experience the life they want to live

And let me assure you, you will start living that life!

I will give you my all, and invite you to be ready to give ALL to yourself as well.

Let’s get talking shall we?

Jess xx

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